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About Grasp Sourcing

Grasp Sourcing is an Engineering Product Sourcing & Business Development Consultancy Firm based in Pune. Headed by Engineering Professional having working experience of more than 20 years in Automotive sector in Sourcing & Development area with expertise in driving Cost reduction, started this Firm with idea to help organizations by providing….

Globally Sourced Engineering Products and Components 


Steel Tubes

Tubes & Tubular Products Our focus areas are – Steel Tubes -MS,…


CASTINGS-   High Pressure Die Cast in Aluminium Low Pressure Die…


Forgings Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of…


Fabrication​ Laser Cutting -Co2 Laser, Fiber Laser Plasma Cutting CNC…

Indirect Material

Consumables, Abrasives, Cutting Tools, Packaging Material, Safety related products &…

Trailer Parts

 Typical Trailer Parts – Twist Locks– Spare Wheel carrier– Wheel Chokes–…


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